Sunday and Monday

In Sunday, we were so tired because of the trip, so we woke up at 11 o' clock.
We went to eat sausages in a campfire but we were cold because the temperature was too low.
In the afternoon, some of us went to ├śstfoldbadet, a famous swimming pool/water park.
It was a very full day!In Monday, went to their highschool and we meet the other exchange students from Italia and Holland. We start our group project with them so we have to work a little bit.
After dinner, all the exchange students were to a snow fall with sledges. Going down was really funny but going up was super tired. And when we were cold we drank hot chocolate all together.
I think it was the coolest day  at the moment ­čśâ.


February 06, 2018

After a long day, we rested and woke up full of energy again.
We woke up at 7 am more or less and we had a lot of breakfast to be able to get thru the day. Then, we went to school, met the other Italians and Holands students, and there we took the bus to Oslo. The trip lasted an hour and a half, and we could see the landscape and we took a lot of pictures. We could see the Oslofjord from the bus.

When we arrived in Oslo, we first went to a museum named Fram, and there we could see the Fram boat, which is the first bout that sailed to the north and south pole. We could go into the ship and it was amazing. After that, we went to other museum named Nasjonalgalleriet. There we saw a lot of famous paintings by norwegian artist. The one that we liked the most was the famous painting "Skirk" by Edvard Munch. After seeing museums, we went to take a walk through the city centre with all of our norwegian colleagues, and we could see the parliament and the castle. The…

Day 1 Departure

After sleeping for less than two hours,  we left Murcia to Alicante airport at 4 in the morning on Saturday. Our flight departed at 7 in the morning and we arrived to Norway around four hours later freezing but feeling well. We had heard people say that cold in Norway does not feel that cold but the minus seven degrees that awaited for us at the airport made us think that probably that was not going to be the case for us. At the airport our dirver Jan was waiting for us. He is also a teacher at the High School in Askim because apparently in this country teacher do not devote theselves only to one job. He drove on the school bus (I didn't know that schools could own buses too) and took us safely to our destination. On our way we got to see the beautiful landscapes of the region and we even took a ferry to cross a fiord. It was really pretty and definately worth it despite of the terrible cold.

We finally arrived at the High School around noon. Our guests were waiting for us and th…